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European Sustainable Week -EUSEW - 2018

General Information

The S3PEnergy has been deeply involved in the creation and consolidation of Partnerships in energy related fields as instruments to articulate cooperative interests.  The Partnerships have built an interactive and participatory environment for interregional cooperation, where participants (regions and MS) sharing similar/complementary energy priorities in their S3 strategies, work together to mobilise common investment projects. The S3PEnergy collaboration model helps engaged participants to combine complementary strengths, exploit their competences in energy R&I, build-up necessary research capacities, overcome the lack of critical mass and fragmentation and gain better access to the global value chains.

6th of June 2018 - S3PEnergy Joint Partnerships meeting

To ensure the smooth functioning of the S3PEnergy, a joint meeting involving all the partnerships and the EC has been organise to review the implementation of the Platform's activities, to analyse potential issues, and provide strategic guidance.

The Joint meeting meetings allow lead and partner regions to:

  • Assess and benchmark the progress of each partnership, discuss any ongoing/future challenges and develop new solutions;

  • Receive information on possible synergies with other initiatives, e.g. Interreg, EIT KIC InnoEnergy or H2020 funding schemes;

  • Share strategic guidance for the next period on key issues such as building synergies with EU funding programmes, overcoming regulatory obstacles for investment, understanding financial instruments, and skills.

7th of June 2018 - EUSEW

The conference will have a set of sessions that allow European Commission and different energy stakeholders to debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas, while networking events forge alliances. 

The S3PEnergy participates in the event by presenting a paper under the title of "Smart spacialisation and interregional cooperation: from planning to action". The  paper will be deliver jointly by representatives from regions and from the S3PEnergy.

Agenda and Presentations

The agenda for the Joint Meeting (6th June) can be found here

The agenda for the EUSEW conference can be found here


The conference will take place in Brussels in two locations, the Charlemagne Building and the Residence Palace.  

Contact information

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European Commission – DG JRC Unit B
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