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Discover the activities of the Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies in a dedicated session next 26th September in Seville

General Information

The Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies (KC TP) supports a number of different services in the form of platforms (Smart Specialisation) and dashboards (T-Board, Urban Data Platform, STRAT-Board), also providing projections based on models such as LUISA, RHOMOLO. While these services differ in specific focus, they have one common denominator: a territorial outlook.

The KC TP organises a dedicated session preceding the 2018 SMARTER Conference on the morning of the 26th of September. The KC TP is set up to strengthen the Commission’s overall support to territorial development and aims to be the point of reference for Commission services and Member States on territorial and regional related issues. In this capacity, it not only provides a repository of relevant research and new initiatives, but it also serves as a place for analytical and networking activities.


The main objective of this associated event is to get participants (better) acquainted with the KC TP. That is to say, the dedicated session should provide participants with a fundamental understanding of what the KC TP is and what it does. Next to a general understanding, the specific services that are now part of the KC TP will be elaborated upon so that afterwards participants will be able to use or refer to them in (at least) a rudimentary way. Furthermore, participants will be encouraged to become (more) involved with the KC TP and to remain updated about future projects. In this respect, the event also envisages to highlight the potential network opportunities of the KC TP.

Time: 10.00 – 12.00 hrs

Attendance is free but prior registration is required. Please note there is limited seating available.




Fundación Tres Culturas (Moroccan Pavilion from the 1992's Expo), Cartuja (Seville) T.b.c.

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